We work with Artists. We work on Productions. We offer a range of services pertaining to both - including Audio services in partnership with Monkey Puzzle.

Our work begins with inspiration and thrives with collaboration. Our services are tailored to the vision and the need.

Envision’s practice fosters artistic innovation and risk taking. Lead by Ryhna Thompson, Envision has been able to specialize in working with artists who don’t fit in a box, and who flourish in a realm where music can intersect with film, animation, theatre, literature and interactivity.

Artists seeking guidance recognize our strong reputation for helping to develop, manage, and produce their projects and most notably, our success in multimedia productions and our distinguished ability to establish and grow compelling and productive partnerships. From strategic planning initiatives, to grant writing and sponsorship, Envision prides itself on our ability to offer and impliment collabortative and balanced approaches to fulfilling artists' needs.

Our pursuit of new paths to carve has lead to the realization of artists’ unique creative visions, the development of these artists’ capacities for professional growth and the creation of a striation for sustainable careers.