Kid Koala’s Creature Feature

Kid Koala’s Creature Feature is a 30-minute, interactive, hosted romp—a needle drop through unreleased forthcoming tracks; an unveiling of Creature Corner puppet shorts with AMA (ask me anything) segments, with at least one of these emerging creature luminaries; an International Staring Contest (eye-sports) for those who tune in live, with unique prizes for winners—and the Four Stares XR video world premiere embedded in this cavorting cabaret of multimedia mayhem.

Using the novel mix of virtual and real videography that characterizes the XR genre, Four Stares introduces a few new characters to Kid Koala’s already bustling universe of creatures and personalities. A galaxy of cardboard cut-out, hand-drawn cartoon objects and personas dance through impossible landscapes, soundtracked by music from this new cast of groovy beings.  Among the first productions of its kind produced in Montreal, Four Stares came to life in collaboration with Silent Partner Studios, known for their cutting-edge performance tech, including live broadcast XR shows by Billie Eilish and stadium-sized videography for Celine Dion, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and a Super Bowl halftime show.

Watch Kid Koala's Creature Feature Here