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Pathwaves was created in response to the observation that musicians were being left behind by the rapid evolution of technologies and therefore not benefiting equitably from the digital transformation of their industry. The Pathwaves Digital Literacy Incubator responded to these challenges by creating opportunities to increase digital literacy across the realms of creation, performance and entrepreneurial business practices. 

18 musicians from across Canada/Turtle Island were selected for a 3-month co-learning journey that considered a multitude of contemporary technologies—from streaming software and VR live shows to NFTs and AI assisted composition—with the goal of sparking new solutions-oriented thought around the creation and sharing of music. Delivered virtually from January to March 2022, the Pathwaves Incubator consisted of conferences, mentorship, master classes, workshops, individual work, and knowledge-exchange.

One year following the completion of The Pathwaves Incubator which convened musicians to tackle the leading digital drivers across the full spectrum of their careers—a comprehensive final report detailing the program, its findings and results, along with an expansive Horizon Scan chronicling trends and futures is now available and accessible to all! 

Pathwaves is produced by Envision Management & Production in partnership with the Phi Centre and OCAD University, with financial support from the Canada Council for the Arts.


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