How do we achieve our mission?

Consonant with the style of focused management favoured by Envision, the company dedicates its time and resources to the actualization of the artists' major artistic initiatives and visions, and works to expand on its artists' careers- horizontally and vertically.

It additionally holds a responsibility to its artists to ensure that their respective businesses are sound, diligent and growing. To this end, Envision places a premium on profitable and strategic business management that is conducted in a professional and ethical manner.

Envision works with artists to access major and independent industry networks to realize career and business potentials and to capitalize on resources by working out business plans and strategies that support long-term career growth, recruiting teammates, seeing that milestones and targets are reached on time, and that day-to-day operations are administrated and well maintained.

It also works with its artists to tackle the technical challenges involved with creating one's 'sound', by working with the artist to create the right acoustic environment in their studio, as well as in their live setting.

Most of all, Envision works to realize the visions of the artists it works with in a personalized manner: recognizing personal and artistic challenges that accompany the growth of a career, and providing quality and comprehensive, artist-focused management to support them.