Karina Bleau


KARINA BLEAU (puppet design)
Since 2001, Karina Bleau has melded sculpture, film, and puppeteering, resulting in visual theater which explores matter, light, and the body in motion. She examines our relationship with the world through underlying themes of life, death, and transmittance, using art to shed light on the connections between humans and their inhabited spaces. She co-directs an
interdisciplinary research space which promotes the in-depth study of marginal artistic practices, and is dedicated to teaching her art to young

Her work has been shown at home and internationally: Petit nid (2009), Atlantis (2010), Haïku du dernier souffle (2011), Jean-Claude est un homme-Maison (2012), Haïku en trois temps (2012), and Grain dans’ tête (2014).
Her next show, Sacré sucre, will premiere in 2016 at the Théâtre les Écuries in Montreal.

She collaborates with artists whose work resists disciplinary boundaries, such as the Inuit circus artist Guillaume Saladin (Artcirq), the circus
artists Karine Delzors (France/Switzerland) and Jessica Arpin (Switzerland/Quebec), the electroacoustic artist Félix Boisvert, the
puppeteer Justine Macadouz (France/Quebec), Théâtre Incliné (Fils Blanc), and the geopoet Jean Morrisset. She has been recognized for
her innovations in theater, earning a diploma in contemporary puppeteering and a master’s degree in theater at the Université du Québec in
Montreal, and received the 2004 international Arlyne award for puppet design.