Hua Li


Hua Li’s hazy R&B and revolutionary rap cuts to the bone and shakes your frail ass to the ground. Her Za Zhong EP, which “abounds with charisma,” (No Fear of Pop) will be followed up by her debut full-length, Dynasty, out September 2019 via Next Door Records. She is also an active DJ, spinning alt rap favourites and cloudy house cuts. Subversive and sexy, Hua Li is the only half-Chinese, half-militant, half-rapper of your heart.

Hua Li's Interview Feature in Bench Canada

In Hua Li's interview feature with Bench Canada, she speaks about her origins, inspirations, style and the importance of community. Read about the groundbreaking artist and rapper here!

Exclaim! adds Hua Li's Dynasty to year end list

Hua Li's album "Dynasty" was added to Exclaim's year end list of albums that deserve a bit more attention. 


"Hua Li 化力 blends hip-hop fire with wistful R&B and her own Chinese heritage into Dynasty, a stormy affair wrapped in her reflective but powerful verses. Much of the record waxes on the unjust treatment of Chinese immigrants, as opener "Paper Sons" alludes to (while working in dialogue from family members to further illustrate the message). The minimalist synth passages on "Recitation (Interlude)" and the deep self-reflection of "This Chaos" reveal an introspective and thought-provoking MC. Dynasty is an enthralling experience, empowering a new generation of Chinese-Canadians to rise above what's expected and challenge cultural and societal norms."

Josh Weinberg