Marie-Hélène L. Delorme is a vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist who hails from Montreal. Since unveiling the FOXTROTT moniker to the world with the EP Shields (2012) and her Polaris Prize-nominated debut A Taller Us (2015), released on esteemed UK imprint One Little Indian, her beefy bass lines, captivating melodies and lyrical candour have taken her to New York, London, Berlin and beyond. She has received critical praise and industry plaudits from the likes of BBC1, France Inter, the UK MVAs and Red Bull Music Academy, where she served as a Canadian studio mentor in 2017.

With a uniquely eclectic musical DNA, Delorme draws from multiple musical worlds without being tethered to any one genre. “The way my brain works, I absorb the energy of a piece of music I like, and then try to reproduce the feeling, the physical effect, but without copying the codes. That process is what excites me most.” The result is an accessible yet deeply personal production style made up of rich, off-centre sounds, earthy beats and shimmering percussions, paired with her warm, forthright vocals. 

After channeling fears, insecurities and assorted “twentysomething stuff” into A Taller Us, Delorme found herself more confident, relaxed and open to the world on Meditations I-II-III, a record first developed on a trip to southwestern Mexico. She describes the album’s contemplative creative process as tuning into something way larger than herself. “I felt this really warm energy supporting me throughout the process and felt compelled to give the listener a big hug, like a warm blanket of sound to find refuge in.” The songwriting on Meditations I-II-III juxtaposes Delorme’s serene state of mind with a more threatening world just out of reach. “As the album came into focus, I got interested in exploring the contrast between the state of individuals in their personal lives and these glimpses of chaos unfolding elsewhere. By opening up to others, we also expose ourselves more. By welcoming the world in, we’re also confronted to all the pain, the ugliness and the dangers. The daily choice we make between love and fear is particularly relevant in our current climate. I wanted to translate that tension in musical form, a bit like the opening and closing of a window,” she reflects.

FOXTROTT’s signature sound has always been imbued with an unmistakably cinematic feel, forever oscillating between the dark and the luminous. The release of Meditations I-II-III comes at a time when her parallel pursuits of composition for film/TV, producing and songwriting are converging like never before. “FOXTROTT is purely my baby, an extension of my soul. It’s a universe where I can completely be myself. I gain an energy from that freedom which I can bring into everything else,” she sums up. In addition to recent collaborations with Cadenza, Random Recipe, Jean-Michel Blais and Pierre Kwenders, Delorme has kept up a steady cycle of composition for film, production for musicians and special projects.



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Envision is in Tokyo!

Envision is in Tokyo, Japan as part of the "L'effect Quebéc" mission. Envision's Ryhna Thompson will be giving a talk and participating in a panel called "Taking the Performing Arts into the Digital Age". FOXTROTT will also be presenting the show Meditations I-II-III. 

FOXTROTT album release tonight!

Foxtrott is celebrating her album release tonight at Le Ministère. Don't miss her new solo performance, designed by Wynn Holmes. Details and tickets are available here.

Meditations I-II-III out now!

Foxtrott's highly anticipated album, "Meditations I-II-III", is out now. You can find the album here for streaming or purchase. 

Watch FOXTROTT's First Play Live

Foxtrott recently debuted new tracks from her upcoming album, "Meditations I-II-III" for CBC's First Play Live. Watch the live session here.

"Meditations I-II-III" is out on October 5th 2018. Pre-order the album here.  

FOXTROTT announces new tour dates

Foxtrott has confirmed dates in London (Oct 15th), Montreal (Oct 25th) and Toronto (Nov 3rd). Check out the details here. 

FOXTROTT releases new single "Deliver"

FOXTROTT as just released the final single from their upcoming EP, "Meditations I-II-III". You can watch the lyrics video here, featuring visuals from Boycott. The new album is out on October 5th. You can pre-order it here.

FOXTROTT Releases "Meditations II"

Foxtrott has released the second part of their "Meditations" trilogy on all music platforms. Listen to it here.

FOXTROTT releases new single "Better With You"

FOXTROTT releases "Better With You" in advance of "Meditations II", featuring visuals by Boycott. Watch the lyrics video here. 

FOXTROTT releases "Meditations I"

Foxtrott has released the first part of their "Meditations" trilogy on all music platforms. Listen to it here. 

FOXTROTT at Studio Bell

This year the FrancoFolies Festival hosted Studio Bell, a creative and recording space made available to 4 groups of artists who each composed and recorded an original song. Thanks to the Studio Bell glass structure and technology, this unique venue, located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Bell Pavilion at the corner of Sainte-Catherine and Jeanne-Mance, allows festival-goers to follow the process of creating the works on site or live webcast.

FOXTROTT's Vinyl Pre-Order available now!

Foxtrott's new album, "Meditations I-II-III", is now available for pre-order on vinyl. Order the new album here. 

FOXTROTT Launches "Taller Than Us" At Phi Center

On Nov. 20th, FOXTROTT, signed to One Little Indian Records, releases "Taller Than Us", her debut full-length ablum which follows her 2012 three track EP "Shields". The singer-songwriter-producer will be launching the record at the Phi Center in Montreal.

Debut Album ' A Taller Us'

FOXTROTT follows up the incredibly well received debut singles ‘Driven’ and ‘Shaky Hands’ with her debut long-player ‘A Taller Us’ released on CD, 12" Vinyl and Download on December 4th.

Foxtrott video for "Shields"

“Shields” the latest track from FOXTROTT's breakout EP, A Taller Us. Delorme says the song is about "mourning a previous toxic state, and the emancipation that follows when you muster enough courage to embrace change and set new rules."